Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park



We are John and Cara, and we create things together! On this site you can see some of the work and projects we’ve collaborated on together. 

While this site is where we share the projects we've worked on together, we also have our own websites you can check out!


We believe that two are better than one. We believe in hard work, quality creativity, and exploring new ideas. 

Every detail of our projects are intentional, from where the materials are sourced to how each project is going to be used or displayed. With each project we work on, our goal is to create the highest quality product, with beauty and intention. 

-John and Cara



Since about 4000 BC Oxen have been used for plowing, transporting, and powering machines. Oxen are usually yoked in pairs, meaning they are harnessed together to work as a team.

The history that oxen play in our heritage
The nod to a more intentional time where quality was valued instead of quantity
The strength oxen possess individually and as a pair

These are all reasons we love our label and what it represents. The fact that it's xo backwards, well that might have been how we came up with it, but not why we fell in love with the name.