Computer + Printer Cabinet Cart

Yes, we still have a CPU tower in our guest room and needed a solution to house the computer and printer. I use a grove and fit method using only glue. The door is held shut by a rare-earth magnet.

BUILD: Entertainment Center (Mid Century)

This was our first multi-material furniture piece. Inspired from 1950s and 1960s stereo cabinets, we wanted a timeless piece that was able to contain our up-to-date electronics and speakers.

MAKING OF: Influencer Boxes for Fédération Equestre Internationale

During the 2016 Olympics we had the honor of helping concept and craft boxes mailed to influencers such as Michelle Obama to help promote the Equestrain Olympics. At the time the equestrian sport was at risk of being cut from the Olympic games. The Ogilvy Experiential team stepped up and asked us to partner with them to concept and craft luxurious hand crafted boxes to hold unique keychain made of horse tail hair. These boxes were then sent out to 50 influencers during the 2016 Summer Olympics to raise awareness. 

After concepting a few options to work with in the financial and timing parameters, we settled on a final design and got to work crafting these hand made boxes. Taking the black jewelry boxes we added a hounds tooth fabric border, a walnut angled base, and a fiberglass cover screen printed with a beautiful statement about the history of the equestrian sport. Finished with a leather pull, and packed beautifully to be sent off to the influencers. 

To see the finished product check it out on our portfolio

Agency Partner: Ogilvy



Build: Chicago Dining Room Table

A little throw back to building our first dining room table together. We ship this table off to it's new home in Texas this week! We're excited to start a new table once we arrive in Portland.

I wanted a table that sat 8 people, in our 780 square foot Chicago condo. So we fudged the 'typical' dining room table dimensions, and built this custom walnut beauty to fit perfectly into our home! We've had many dinner parties, and cocktails around this table with friends. Planned our wedding with pages, lists and spread sheets spread across it for months. Stood on top of it to turn the smoke alarm off while cooking more times than I can count. John even screen printed on it, much to my dismay, but managed not to get any ink on it! Now we're shipping it off to fit perfectly in John's sisters new condo in Texas, so she can create her own memories around this table. 

You can check out the finished product in more detail here

Build: The Speaker Box

We got a new jam box for Christmas that we deiced would be our bathroom speaker, but of course it needed a beautiful cover to fit in with the tranquil spa like ambiance! 

MAKING OF: Morton Collateral

We worked with Ogivly & Mather and Morton Salt on their Next Door Chef project. We created a series of salt ramekins unique to each of the three events, as well as hand screen printed gift bags. 

Check out the finished product here

Build: The Coffee Table

I was sitting on our couch one evening trying to figure out why our tiny tiny apartment felt slightly chaotic to me. I've been known to have spurts of decluttering, re-organizing and purging, but this time was different, something more substantial needed to change! 

I figured it out, with our two newest metal accent pieces, and the clean wooden dining table, our living room no longer fit the look and feel of our apartment. There were just too many textures, colors, and styles for such a small living space! 

Solution: Out with the old ottoman (happily given to a coworker moving into a new place!) and time to build a new one! 

We wanted a style that matched the dining room table, but we were on a budget. So instead of walnut we went with good old pine, and used a gel stain on this one. We have plans to build a buffet table to match. 

Project total: $27

Paper Making With Love

When we we're starting to plan our wedding, back in the fall of 2015, John decided not only we're we going to design our wedding invitations, not only we're we going to screen print them, but we we're going to make the paper! I don't remember my initial reaction, but I do remember making each of those 100 invitations by hand from design, to paper, to print to addressing and stuffing and then finally mailing them off. It meant a lot to be sending something tangible, and hand made with a lot of passion and love by both of us, to invite our friends and family to celebrate our love and partnership! 

To check out the full stationary suite take a look at our portfolio


Our Chicago Christmas Tree

I wanted a Christmas tree for our first Christmas together. Since there was no way a real tree was fitting in our condo, we made this one! 

MAKING OF: TUS Holiday Cards

John had been wanting to make his own paper for a while, and this project turned out to be the perfect opportunity! Recycling old creative briefs, tuning them into custom paper, and screen printing a custom designed holiday messaged for clients.