Build: The Coffee Table

I was sitting on our couch one evening trying to figure out why our tiny tiny apartment felt slightly chaotic to me. I've been known to have spurts of decluttering, re-organizing and purging, but this time was different, something more substantial needed to change! 

I figured it out, with our two newest metal accent pieces, and the clean wooden dining table, our living room no longer fit the look and feel of our apartment. There were just too many textures, colors, and styles for such a small living space! 

Solution: Out with the old ottoman (happily given to a coworker moving into a new place!) and time to build a new one! 

We wanted a style that matched the dining room table, but we were on a budget. So instead of walnut we went with good old pine, and used a gel stain on this one. We have plans to build a buffet table to match. 

Project total: $27