Build: Chicago Dining Room Table

A little throw back to building our first dining room table together. We ship this table off to it's new home in Texas this week! We're excited to start a new table once we arrive in Portland.

I wanted a table that sat 8 people, in our 780 square foot Chicago condo. So we fudged the 'typical' dining room table dimensions, and built this custom walnut beauty to fit perfectly into our home! We've had many dinner parties, and cocktails around this table with friends. Planned our wedding with pages, lists and spread sheets spread across it for months. Stood on top of it to turn the smoke alarm off while cooking more times than I can count. John even screen printed on it, much to my dismay, but managed not to get any ink on it! Now we're shipping it off to fit perfectly in John's sisters new condo in Texas, so she can create her own memories around this table. 

You can check out the finished product in more detail here