MAKING OF: Influencer Boxes for Fédération Equestre Internationale

During the 2016 Olympics we had the honor of helping concept and craft boxes mailed to influencers such as Michelle Obama to help promote the Equestrain Olympics. At the time the equestrian sport was at risk of being cut from the Olympic games. The Ogilvy Experiential team stepped up and asked us to partner with them to concept and craft luxurious hand crafted boxes to hold unique keychain made of horse tail hair. These boxes were then sent out to 50 influencers during the 2016 Summer Olympics to raise awareness. 

After concepting a few options to work with in the financial and timing parameters, we settled on a final design and got to work crafting these hand made boxes. Taking the black jewelry boxes we added a hounds tooth fabric border, a walnut angled base, and a fiberglass cover screen printed with a beautiful statement about the history of the equestrian sport. Finished with a leather pull, and packed beautifully to be sent off to the influencers. 

To see the finished product check it out on our portfolio

Agency Partner: Ogilvy